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Chapter 17 Test
Chapter 17 Test - Blood will be on Thursday, January 21st. The study guide is in the 3rd 9 week folder.
Fall Semester Exam Schedule
Tuesday - 12/15 - 1st and 4th periods
Wednesday - 12/16 - 2nd and 5th periods
Thursday - 12/17 - 3rd and 6th periods
Friday - 12/18 - 7th period
Skeletal System Test
The skeletal system test will be on Thursday, November 5th. Study guides will be distributed this week.
**You can earn 10 bonus points by bringing in a Halloween snack that resembles a part of the human anatomy.
Chapter 5 - Integumentary System Test
The Chapter 5 test over the integumentary system will be Friday, October 9th. Study guides will be distributed on Wednesday, October 7th.
Chapter 4 Test - Tissues
The chapter 4 test is Wednesday, September 23rd. The study guide and ppt are in the 1st 9 weeks folder in the tissue folder.
Chapter 1 Test
The test over Chapter 1 will be Thursday, September 3rd. The study guide for the test is located in the 1st quarter folder inside the chapter 1 folder. This introductory chapter has a lot of vocabulary and information to study so prepare accordingly.
Anatomical Direction Quiz
There will be a quiz over the anatomical directions on page 12 in your textbook on Thursday, August 27th.
Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology
The class syllabus, lesson plans, notes, study guides and PowerPoints will be posted at the bottom under the file category. Please use these resources to help review and study the information covered in class. Homework due dates and tests will be announced to help keep you on track.

I am available for tutoring Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00. Please come in for help if you need it.

If you need to contact me, my email is You can also call the school at (803) 442-6100 ext. 168 and leave a message.

Thank you,
Cheryl Zunker
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